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P R O G R A M  S N A P S H O T

Parent Education and Workshops. Long Branch Concordance Family Success Center utilizes direct outreach, referrals from other organizations and in-house classes and workshops both in English and Spanish to facilitate economic education of the area's diverse populations. These programs and activities assist families by improving their life and job skills. We promote community well-being by encouraging behaviors that lead to safer, healthier and more prosperous neighborhoods. Our measurement tools include post surveys and pre and post tests to gauge increased knowledge, as well as follow-up with participants to document how the classes and workshops have affected their behavior and lifestyle. Below is a snippet of what is currently offered.

P A R E N T  E D U C A T I O N

Building Babies Brains

  • Explores the importance of activities which stimulate a baby's brain
  • Illustrates how to enhance the bonding and attachment between parents and children
  • Includes a review of baby's health care basics to ensure good growth and development
  • Provides parents with the opportunity to develop and participate in activities themselves as well as share information about their own experiences as they implement each session into their daily lives
  • Consists of one session per week for four weeks and acts as a support group as well
  • Parents spend one half hour at the end of each class reading to their children
​​English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Classes and one-on-one tutoring are conducted through a Literacy Volunteers of Monmouth County trained instructor to address all levels of English proficiency from basic, beginning and intermediate through advanced English.
Community Garden Health & Nutrition Class
  • Meets thrice weekly April through October
  • Tour Community Garden
  • Learn how to plant and cultivate spices and vegetables
  • Learn how to prepare, cook and store vegetables
  • Learn the nutritional value of healthy meal planning
  • Enhance pride in the community
  • Share recipes using items nurtured and grown

W o r k s h o p s


  • 8 sessions of confidential discussions facilitated by Visiting Nurse Association of Central New Jersey
  • Positive, supportive environment
  • Discussions on culture, relationships and personal empowerment
  • Younger children permitted plus babysitting services available
  • Healthy lunch, beverages and snacks provided

Financial Workshop

  • Implemented in conjunction with Investors Savings Bank, H&R Block and Bank of America
  • Teaches the importance of opening and maintaining bank accounts
  • Explains how to read and understand bank statements and understand debit cards
  • Emphasizes the importance of maintaining and updating important documentation relating to finances

Budget Workshop

  • Implemented in conjunction with local banks
  • Teaches participants the importance of establishing a budget to help them better manage their incomes and every day expenditures
  • Focuses on household, healthcare, food and transportation expenses, as well as unexpected expenses

Library Tour

  • Promotes importance of reading and literacy
  • Focuses on resources available at the Long Branch Free Public Library
  • Includes information on resources and programs available to adults and children

​​Lead Poison Workshop​

  • Implemented and held in conjunction with Monmouth County Department of Health
  • Teaches participants how to identify possible sources of unsafe lead levels within the home and diet
  • Learn to identify the symptoms of lead poisoning in children and adults
  • Identifies where to go for help

When to Call the Doctor and When to Go to the Emergency Room

  • Implemented by the Monmouth County Department of Health
  • Teaches participants when it is appropriate to call the doctor or go to the emergency room
  • Provides parents with medical journals to help them manage healthcare information, such as records and appointments for all family members 

Men's Health Workshop

  • Amerigroup Real Solutions offers this workshop to address health topics specifically for men
  • Discussion of health risks
  • Health screenings provided
  • Offers healthy lifestyle tips for men
  • Encourages male engagement in the Family Success Center
Chronic Diseases
  • Visiting Nurse Association Health Group discusses men's and women's heart health
  • Topics include heart disease, healthy diet, smoking and cancer
  • Offers preventative tips and lifestyle choices


  • Parents teach and learn the creative art of crochet
  • Promotes community
  • All supplies are provided by the Family Success Center

O u t r e a c h

Back to School Resource Fair
  • Co-hosted by St. James' Church in August every summer
  • New backpacks donated by Monmouth Medical Center and Monmouth University distributed to more than 400 Long Branch school age children filled with grade appropriate school supplies
  • Service providers distribute literature, answer questions and offer resource information
  • Free health screens performed by Monmouth Medical Center, Monmouth County Department of Health, and Visiting Nurses Association of New Jersey
  • Healthy lunch provided
Strengthening Families Community Garden Health Fair Kickoff
  • Co-hosted by City of Long Branch in April
  • Tour of Community Garden
  • Service providers distribute literature, answer questions and offer resource information
  • Free health screenings offered for cholesterol, blood pressure and HIV/AIDS
  • Healthy breakfast provided
  • Fosters pride in the community
Multicultural Thanksgiving Feast
  • Co-hosted with St. James' Church
  • Board trustees, staff, volunteers, interns, and families donate a dish from their country of origin and share a meal together
  • Interns conduct a craft with children
  • A youth leader reads about the tradition of Thanksgiving to the families 
Family Fun Nights
  • Theme based activities such as game night, Bingo and Ping Pong
  • All parent-child activities include educational components for children of different ages
  • Opportunity for positive parent-child interaction through one-on-one and group activities
  • Promotes fun family bonding
  • Scheduled from 4—6 pm to accommodate working parents
  • Healthy food, beverages and snacks provided
  • Bingo night features pizza and prizes for adults and children
Café Con Leche
  • Promotes conversational English skills in a casual environment
  • Opportunity for English speakers and Spanish speakers to teach and learn from each other
  • Coffee and tea provided
Family Flow Yoga
  • Amy's Yogabilities facilitates a fun yoga class for whole family
  • Fun poses, yoga games, singing, dancing and meditative arts and crafts
  • Fosters fun family bonding
  • Exposure to creativity, mind, body and soul connection
  • Promotes exercise


  • Zumba with Flo offers fun, total body fitness for the whole family
  • Introduces cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility
  • Promotes family bonding through fun exercise
​Health Screenings
  • Horizon NJ Health Care-A-Van on premises
  • Provides free BMI, blood pressure and glucose screenings
  • Cholesterol screenings are conducted at select sessions
Parent Community Advisory Board​
  • Community members provide feedback on Family Success Center activities and outreach
  • Opportunity to voice opinions and develop, implement and manage programs
  • Encourages engagement and community participation
  • Insures the needs of the community are met

F a m I l y  B u s i n e s s  C e n t e r

Family Business Center
  • Access to computer work stations, email, printers and photocopier
  • Use of phone and fax
  • Promotes online job searching and electronic employment application
  • Encourages resume development
  • Offers ability to manage personal, family, and professional documentation

​​​T R A I N I N G  & D E V E L O P M E N T  I N S T I T U T E

Allows community ​​partners and local service providers to utilize the agency to facilitate workshops, trainings, and assessments for Monmouth County residents.