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Long Branch Concordance finds resources for people in need, fosters individual and family development, and creates partnerships for community well-being.


LBC and its Family Success Center

connecting YOU to a community of services that can help you rethink your possibilities


Long Branch Con·cor·dance

strengthening families, uniting neighbors, building communities


LBC offers free information, resources, and referrals to successfully link individual needs with appropriate resources


LBC Fam·i·ly Suc·cess Cen·ter

a state-funded Family Success Center located in Monmouth County; helping  families to achieve sustainability and self-reliancy



people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors, connected by compassion; a setting in which people know each other as individuals, treat one another as friends, and share norms that give meaning to their lives



review, re-assess, and see a family situation from a new perspective



prospects; what might happen; what YOU can make happen


LBC provides Help, Hope, and Possibilities

with help and hope, and fresh possibilities, families can strive for success


LBC Family Success Center offers programs and services to the greater Long Branch community. These programs and services include parent education, family literacy, life skills training, employment, parent-child activities, and outreach events.  Our goal is to increase the knowledge base of parents, change behaviors, improve relationships, and provide the opportunity to grow parent—child bonding. Our programs and services are focused on economic self-reliancy and family sustainability.


We aim to enrich the lives of children and adults by strengthening families and the neighborhoods in which they live.  LBC provides tools and supports for families before they find themselves in crisis.  Programs and services are designed to affirm and strengthen a family's cultural, racial, and linguistic identities, enhancing its ability to succeed in every aspect of a multicultural environment.